Montessori environment gave the freedom for my kid to choose the work of their interest which indirectly promotes open ended material allows for creativity and made our kid to explore things also they learn everything hands- on so that day easily grab the concept and explain new ideas with it. With multiage group students in same class, they gain a sense of responsibility towards younger ones and that helps to create a sense of community among them.

Above all of it Montessori environment provides practical life skills such as cleaning caring for environment and treats everyone as the kith and kin.As a parent we are happy to see the kid getting ready to school enthusiastically.
Sathyabama Palanisamy
Arun Karthik(Parent of KaniyamAarooram AS level 3)

Respected Madam, 20.4.23
As a parent of two children,(one Montessori student and one Montessori graduate), I wouls like to thank as well as congratulate the entire staff and management of Bluegems Montessori for their new venture. We send our children as a sapling to your hands, and inturn you nurture them, show them the right path, teach them the values of life apart from education and give us back as a Tree.
I remember when we were children at this age, we were not so confident as they are today. Teachers have definitely put in the best foot forward and the children have out- performed themselves. Thank you for guiding them in their path of life and education.
Once again I wish to thank principal Vice Principal teachers and non-teaching staffs for their tireless efforts in bringing out the best in all the children.
Yours sincerely
Sumita (Mother of Deekshara 7A, Ishaan Karthik Lavendar Level III)

Bluegems Montessori & Chandrakanthi Public School excels in quality education, discipline, extra-curricular activities and hygiene. The teachers of the school work around the clock to give the students quality education they deserve. The Vice Principal ma’am Mrs. Ranjini made sure the online classes functioned smoothly and addressed each and every query from the parents patiently. The Montessori teachers Mrs. Shiva, Mrs. Malathi and Mrs. Lalitha made the Melon environment kids very comfortable both online and physical classes. I highly recommend Bluegems Montessori & Chandrakanthi Public School to everyone. Lastly, I would thank the PRINCIPAL ma’am for all the right decisions taken at the right moment, keeping in mind the welfare of the students, teachers and the parents.
Thank you.
Keerthana(Mother of Yagna 4C/ Meghna Level-2)

Dr. Moumitha Kartha, KMCH Institute of Health Sciences and Research,Coimbatore.
Proud mother of Advait Rakesh(5 B) and Vedant Rakesh(1 A).It was a COVID times and the kids were comfortably settled down with their online classes in grades 3 and LKG in a small town in Kerala. That was when I got this new job in Tamil Nadu. We made up our minds to shift to Coimbatore, the nearest possible city to Kerala, an hour drive from our hometown. So many mixed emotions were running through our minds. The first one being, which school should we take admission for Advait and Vedant. I had to make sure they got into the old school which was the best and nearest to my workplace and we had to do it before shifting from Kerala. The basic fear being that Tamil was an altogether new language for the children and they were definitely going to find it difficult to settle down here. They will miss their friends and the comfort of their hometown. Thus began the search of schools here, which had to be friendly, but not too friendly that the kids forget the values. The academics needed to be strong, but not too strict that they would fearbstudies and extracurricular activities would take a backseat. Many schools came in the web searches. Many interviews were attended. I asked suggestions about the good schools here to many of my friends and family from Coimbatore. One name which was common in all of their suggestions was Chandrakanthi Public School. So, I contacted the school and the school office staff answered all of my queries patiently and got me connected to the Vice Principal madam and she assured me that my children will be given special attention in Tamil language since they were totally new to it, and briefed me about the school. I also spoke to Madam Hycinth, she was particularly warm and reassuring. Vedant joined Blue Gems midway through the academic year. After weeks of tears and morning struggles, he slowly became part of Level 2 Crimson. The academic year got over in a few months and he got promoted to Level 3 Crimson of which he soon became a homie. With the guidance of Suganya ma’am and Vindhya ma’am and nanny maas and his ever so loving friends, he became comfortable in speaking two new languages, English and Tamil and proudly graduated Level 3 in March 2023. The affection seen on the faces of the teachers and the correspondent ma’am on the day of graduation was so heartfelt.
Thanks to the teachers for being such a support for moulding him to this little gentleman that he is today.
As for Advait, a bashful tween who had just turned nine years was admitted to grade 4 A to Sathyavathi ma’am’s class. Through a lot of struggles including difficulty in coping after two years of online classes, language barrier, totally different cultures and traditions, every day was a nightmare for Advait and us, the family. And so he was given remedial classes for Tamil language. By the end of the year he slowly started understanding the language, although there is still scope for improvement. He had always answering all of my queries and concerns. He also joined afterschool sports which he enjoyed thoroughly. He spent time with the most supportive and loving friends who he made in a year’s time, that he too soon became a part of Coimbatore. The children started reciting Sanskrit shlokas and Tamil songs and I as surprised how beautifully they are made aware of the culture and tadition of the state and the country by celebrating the festivals and involving them in beautiful activities whish are parts of our tradition. They are made aware of importance of planting saplings; they brought home produce from the school grown farm. They shared peanut chikkis or gift seeds and sapling for birthdays. Such beautiful practices are inculcated in them that I am spell bound.

Hi all,
I am Deepika Dinesh Kumar, mother of Raswanath Krishna(Grade IV- B) and Rithvanthika (Grade 1- Lower level elementary). Both my kids attended Blue Gems Montessori(BGM) from buttercups. I have great admiration and gratitude for all the teaching and non- teaching staffs at BGM. The way the teachers train the students to phonetic sounds, mathematical concepts, language and handwriting. [Cursive writing from beginning] is excellent. The efforts they take to make the students comfortable in all the classes [both online and offline] is tremendous. My big thanks to all the teaching staffs [especially Hycinth mam(Lavendar) and Gomathy mam (Lemon)] for their patience and dedication. I want to thank Gomathy mam for encouraging my daughter to come out of her shell by making her to participate in Thiruppavai recitation and also giving her a chance to perform in carnival. BGM is the second home for all the kids.

I am delighted to share my thoughts about Blue Gems Montessori. This is the best montessori in our city. The management, aunties and nannies do an awesome job of making the school, a second home to the children. My daughter has grown up into an independent, disciplined and an honest individual under the guidance of her aunties. I am deeply indebted to the school for making it happen. She is so affectionate towards them,that she doesn’t want to go to grade 1, instead to be in Hycinth aunty’s class with Chitra aunty and Sasirekha aunty. Last but not the least, the school’s thoughtful approach during the pandemic in conducting meticulous, interesting online classes for these kids has neatly bridged their learning gap. I whole heartedly thank the management and staffs for their awesome work and my wishes for future endeavours.

– Dr.P. Pavethira.
M/O R. Shanvitha, Lavender

10 April 2023

Blue Gems Montessori has given our two children, smiling, happy faces and the most amazing montessori education. The spacious classrooms, huge range of teaching aids and materials to work with serve as the best environment for early learners. Creativity is enhanced, with constant encouragement and abundant motivation of the teachers. It is our pleasure to watch our children enjoy their learning and flourish.

-Dr. R. Yuvaraj
F/O Ragurama Yuvaraj

We are immensely grateful to Hycinth, Chithra, and Sasi rekha Mams for their unwavering dedication and patience in helping Aadhira grow. Their assistance has been invaluable, and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts.
Your school – Chandrakanthi Public School has been an integral part in helping our daughter blossom into a confident and capable person. We are grateful for your support throughout her journey of growth. Thanks a lot for all the teachers and the management

Vidhyalakshmi & Gokulnath Gopalsamy
(Aadhira’ Parents)