Bluegems Montessori School , a Pre Montessori and Primary Montessori School in Coimbatore – “A child’s next home” wherein they are able to relax, settle down and at the same time learn while they work as designed in the Montessori teaching methodology. The rooms are spacious, well-lit and airy with a separate Library Corner, an Art Corner and an outer verandah for Water Activities. The environment at Bluegems has been designed to allow children to move around freely and an exclusive outdoor play area with state-of-the art play equipment.

All the Adults / Teachers are AMI trained and an adult child ratio of 1:15 is maintained. For presentation and observation of the activities, the teacher is assisted by an Assistant Teacher in each environment to make Bluegems Montessori school, a Best Pre and Primary Montessori school in Coimbatore.


Our Pre Montessori classrooms are specially prepared environment designed to facilitate the development of children’s independence and sense of personal empowerment to the Students.

They are of children’s community, which encourages them to move freely within it, selecting work that captures their interest. Children assist with the care of the environment, prepare their own snacks, learn to go to the bathroom without being assisted, and when something spills, they all help each other to clean up carefully.

Children in a Montessori environment learn to cut vegetables and fruits, sweep, dust, carry pitchers of water without spilling it as if they are masters of the environment.


The environment of our pre & primary montessori school and the activities help young children develop a sense of maturity that enables them to realize a much higher level of their potential as human beings.The Montessori environment is set to facilitate student discussion and stimulate corroborative learning.

The montessori environment is organised by several curriculum areas usually comprising of language (reading & writing), mathematics, everyday living skills, sensory awareness zones and environment for history, geography, sciences, art, music and dance. All environment includes a library, shelf-units and display tables with a wide variety of display materials ready for use as children find interest in them.

Students work alone or in small groups with teachers forming a part of such learning groups, advising and presenting a new lesson or simply observing the class at work.

Facilities at the School