Primary School Montessori Program: 3 to 6 years

A child’s first experience of school sets the tone for these kindergarten school students years to come. Children love to learn, and from the earliest age do so through their senses. They touch, feel, and explore everything in their world. The Montessori Primary Education system builds on this innate instinct and makes each child’s kindergarten days in school a process of increasingly focused discovery among other Montessori primary schools. This lays the groundwork for the more rigorous learning experiences that will come later.

Simply put, the goal of the Montessori Primary school is to help each child fall in love with learning. Exercises in practical life, language development, mathematics, geography, history, biology, music, art, and yoga are offered. Each child is shown how to use the Montessori materials, and the self-correcting quality of the work chosen enables each to participate as his or her own teacher. Meanwhile guided repetition helps each child focus and gain greater confidence in his or her abilities. Gradually a sense of independence emerges and the delight that comes with knowing “I can do it by myself.”

Beyond schoolwork, these early years are also a time when children learn to create loving and respectful bonds among themselves from the Primary Montessori Education. Throughout their education at Bluegems Montessori children will remain with the same teacher at each level (ages 3-6) for a period of three years. This continuity fosters supportive and enduring relationships with each other. The main aim of our Primary Montessori Education is to satisfy all the needs of our children on their own hands.