Primary School Montessori Program: 3 to 6 years

In general, a child’s first school experience sets the tone for his or her future. For children, learning is a natural process, and they love to learn through their senses (touched, felt and explored) from an early age to explore the world around them. Montessori education system is purposely built on these instincts to help transform each child’s experience into unique focused discoveries. It also lays a strong foundation and prepares our children for more rigorous learning experiences that will follow later.

The primary objective of Montessori primary school is to instil a love of learning in every child. Our curriculum includes activities related to practical life, language development, geography, history, mathematics, biology, music and art. It also teaches children to use the Montessori materials through steered repetition and boost their confidence to take ownership of their actions. Eventually, each child will develop a sense of independence and a satisfaction of knowing that they can do on their own. 

As part of the Primary Montessori Education, children also learn to build respectful and loving bonds among themselves during these early years. Throughout their education at Bluegems Montessori children will work with the same teacher at every level (3 to 6) for a period of three years. As a result of this continuity, relationships with each other will become more supportive and lasting. The main objective of our Primary Montessori Education is to enable our children to meet all of their needs on their own.