Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Montessori Method work? 

The Montessori classroom provides materials that engage children’s senses and allow them to learn  at their own pace. As children interact with peers of different age groups, they learn to respect  themselves, others and their environment. 

Do all Montessori schools follow the same curriculum? 

Any school can claim to be Montessori, but not all setup the right environment and follow traditional  Montessori principles. Blue Gems Montessori is a member of American Montessori Internationale  (AMI) and all our teachers are Montessori trained and certified. 

Is it true that Maria Montessori discouraged play? 

As a matter of fact, Maria Montessori believed that play is the child’s “work.” Montessori teachers  often refer to activities in the classroom as “work,” and they do so out of respect for the child, who is  engaged in self-creation. Playing allows children to take on different roles and develop creativity as  they combine old elements in new ways, and they acquire problem-solving skills to overcome  challenges. Also, they begin to pay attention to the perspectives and needs of others. Conventional  toys will not find a place in our classrooms, as children with elaborate props are less likely to  respond imaginatively. We believe a toy train on the shelf is much less fun than making a train out of  cylinder blocks. 

What kinds of creative outlets will my child have at BGM? 

Providing activities that will engage and excite all the five senses goes hand in hand with creativity  and playfulness. The children in each classroom have access to an art area where they can draw,  color, and paint. Regular activities include music, yoga, water play, and free play. 

How do you handle discipline? 

We strive to avoid extreme rewards and punishments as much as possible, instead helping the child  understand the impact of particular behaviour on others. Our children are encouraged to talk and  listen to each other in order to resolve conflicts. 

Will a Montessori education make my child smarter? 

Maria Montessori said, β€œIt is true that we cannot make a genius. We can only give each child the chance to fulfill his potential possibilities.” It is becoming more and more clear that Montessori education does appear to produce better academic and social outcomes in later years.