Simple Tips to Reduce Screen time of our Tiny Tots during the Pandemic

Since the school closed in March due to the outbreak of COVID-19, we in Bluegems Montessori are missing our little champs, their smiles, chattering, complaints, stories, and here goes on a never-ending list.

In the present scenario of COVID-19, with schools being closed globally, online schools became a trend in 2020. Although parents try to reduce the screen time of their little tots as much as possible, options may not always work successfully when it's restricted to indoors.

Here are some simple tips to help you divert them from electronic devices.

Keep a schedule

Setting a daily schedule for their screen time and engaging them with other creative or fun time activities like coloring, drawing, vegetable arts, word games will help to divert them from the electronic devices.

Sometimes seeking their help to keep things in place or day to day work, will create a sense of responsibility. Introducing bedtime stories and listening to their stories will inspire them to share their imaginations and expectations.

Encourage creativity

Let them feel bored for some time, that will contribute to adding wings to their imagination. When our little kiddy finds nothing to do, they will start exploring their surroundings and engage themselves in creative activities. Most of our little champs introduce their artistic talents on their bedroom walls. Avoid scolding or shouting in such situations instead provide them with color paper or coloring books.

Bonus screen time

Children are always excited when they are offered extra game time. So, while restricting their screen time, don’t forget to offer bonus time for keeping the time limit. Give them extra game time, when they adhere to time limits, finish the homework on time or finish food without lag.

Role model Parenting

Parents are the first role model in every child’s life. By setting aside your screen time duration, you can easily influence them and avoid forceful restriction. When you fix your screen duration, you may get to spend fun time with your child and understand their feelings, views, and expectations. Parents also need to update with the technological advancements happening around them and the dangers related to it as well.

Playtime with your child

Spending time with your child, & understanding what kind of games or programs your child enjoys is essential. Parent involvement makes our tiny ones excited and they’ll be thrilled to show their skills & talents in front of anybody who motivates them. Kids always love to teach you something you don’t know. So, when you show patience and interest in their games or programs, they feel a kind of acceptance. You can introduce some past time games and make them interesting. This gradually diverts them from the screen dependency.

Creating an Indoor Play area

Create an indoor play area, like set up a sandy area in the backyard or a water table on the terrace or balcony. Setting a small bathtub or a bucket with water on the terrace, where they can splash water & have a fun time. Children love to play with water. Keeping an anti-slippery mat or towel on the floor will ensure their safety as well.

Free space inside the home

By organizing the furniture & other delicate interiors in such a way to create an open space inside your house, where they can burn their energy. This will keep them physically active and increase their bowel movement, thereby improving their appetite.

Interactive Book rather than Electronic device

Providing some coloring books with crayons or watercolors and picture books with simple sentences keep them busy throughout the day. This will help in developing their artistic as well as reading skills at an early stage.

Keep away the electronic devices

Parents must make sure to keep away their electronic devices while having food or spending time with their little ones. Set an electronic-free zone inside the home like the dining area, kitchen, or on the bed, where devices are not allowed whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. Children having a tendency to mesmerize in TV shows or video games while feeding them. This practice will result in consuming food even if they are full, thereby increasing the risk of obesity. Setting rules to keep devices away from the dining area will avoid such practices.

We hope our suggestions would help you and your family in reducing the screen time of your little tots.

We are here to support you and awaiting to see your little ones soon here in Bluegems

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